Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is located about 100 kilometers north of Barcelona and the same distance south of the French border. Can you imagine the south of France? So when approaching Tossa de Mar we saw landscape very similar to that of the southern France. We were much impressed by the rocks with spectacularly beautiful marine views, mountain forests, cliff lodges and mountain roads right above the sea…

How can you get to Tossa de Mar? The simplest and fastest way is to take an express bus that goes every hour from the central bus station in Barcelona. Pay 8 euro and in about one hour you will find yourself in Tossa de Mar! Of course there are other ways but you must change into another bus three times.

Mark Shagal, a well-known artist, considered that place to be “a blue paradise”. Comfortable streets of a fishing village, a castle right on the seaside and the central beach right under the castle will make your visit to Tossa de Mar an exciting addition to your entire vacation in Spain.

Apart from the village beach you can enjoy taking a very popular boat tour to one of the nice gulfs. The boat tour itself is very exciting but in addition you can stay in a gulf for some time and return by one of the next buses.

Numerous boats are waiting tourists on the coast and it is preferable to take a small one. Of course it has its own pros and cons. Among the cons is the possibility of boat rolling. As for the pros the main one is the possibility to get into a few of the numerous beautiful and exciting grots.

As for Barcelona beaches the time we spent on the beach of Tossa de Mar was the best. Tossa de Mar is wonderful with its unforgettable gulfs and beaches but visiting the village itself with its small restaurants and nice narrow streets is an affecting experience.

The end of the day was marked by a flamenco dance show.

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