Spanish Village

We started our trip over Montjuic with the visit of famous fountains. In the daytime they don’t look so fantastic as at night but still they are imposing and beautiful.

We continued our day in the so called Spanish Village. It is known that since the end of the last century there appeared a tradition to make mini-parks such as Mini-Europe, Mini-Israel, Mini-Japan and others. The same idea came to the 1929 Universal Exhibition organizers. But there was shortage of plastic that time and besides, it was not customary to make short-lived things. So Mini-Spain was built from real houses and buildings each of them being a replica of an existing house or building from a certain city or region of Spain.

Apart from buildings the Spanish Village is full of small cafes, studios, workshops and souvenir shops.

Besides, it is worth taking into account a possibility to get a combined ticket both to the Spanish village and the National Art Museum of Catalonia, which will save you a few euro.

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