Park Guell

Park Guell was the first and one of the most interesting destinations during our travel over Barcelona. It was an idea of some Eusebi Guell to create an English-styled garden city intended for the city aristocratic family residences. The construction works started in 1901 and the person who designed the park and brought the idea to life was the famous architect Antonio Gaudi. The works were started at a rather fast pace. Soon a few buildings such as a guardhouse, an audience hall and a few examples of residences for sale were built. But Barcelona aristocrats didn’t appreciate the idea and didn’t express any desire to purchase the residences. So only Guell and Gaudi stayed to live in a huge park that later became a district of Barcelona.

We spent a few hours in the park and they passed in the blink of an eye. The main attractions of the park are two fanciful pavilions at the entrance. One of them was a guardhouse and the other was an entrance hall intended for the residence guests to wait for invitation.

Next to the pavilions you can see a front staircase and a huge dragon that is one of the symbols of Barcelona and Gaudi’s masterpieces in particular. There is also the Hall of a Hundred Columns and a fanciful undulating Gaudi Bench considered to be the largest one in the world.

The Park Guell contains plenty of comfortable places in which various local musicians and listeners are hiding. There is also the Gaudi House Museumin the park.

You can hardly find a better place than the Park Guell if you want to plunge into an amazing atmosphere of Barcelona.

But Sagrada Familia is already waiting for us.

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