The second day of our stay in Barcelona we went to Montserrat. The first thing you will probably want to know is how to get there. First you can take bus or train and then take a funicular. As for us we took a guided bus tour. As far as all other ways to get the top of the mountain are concerned that’s another story for another time. It was the only time in my life that I was satisfied with a guided trip. Our guide appeared to be a very interesting person and during the whole trip we enjoyed his good humour and exciting stories about the place.

I especially liked his story about the Montjuic Cemetery. The Cemetery is located on the slopes of the hillside and overlooks the sea and that is why there’s no place in it anymore. Rich Catalans are ready to pay tens of thousands of euro to get comfortable places there while poor people are ready to move their relatives’ graves to other places for the sake of money.

We were more than delighted with the mountain road with its beautiful rocks and rock columns. The first thing you can see when arriving to Montserrat is a big breathtaking canyon.

On arriving to the place we started our tour over the monastery. I had a feeling that I was watching the movie about Montserrat I had seen before. We were impressed with wonderful facades, beautiful and mysterious-looking buildings and a miles-long queue to the black faced Virgin Mary’s hand.

The statue of the Virgin Mary being the main sanctuary of the monastery attracts numerous religious pilgrims from all over the world. According to the legend, if you make a wish while kissing Virgin Mary’s hand it will come true for sure. I will not express my opinion about it in order not to hurt anyone’s religious feelings.

Besides, Montserrat is famous for its most beautiful forest overlooking the canyon and the monastery and hides ancient sculptures and destroyed buildings in its depths. Just near the monastery you will see a big market where you can buy local cheese and other delicacies.

Our day continues in Casa Mila.

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