Day 4 — Montjuic

We devoted the fourth day of our stay in Barcelona to the Montjuic Mountain.

Montjuic is a huge mountain in Barcelona. Besides you will find a lot of sights and attractions on Montjuic such as museums and pavilions, an Olympic complex, an old fortress and even a big cemetery. But as for cemetery you do not need to visit it as the mountain is rather big and it is filled with attractions 🙂

Montjuic is considered to be a very romantic mountain. Local romantic inhabitants discovered the mountain for themselves in the middle of the 19th century and to the present time Barcelona’s citizens and numerous guests enjoy spending days and nights there.

The 1929 Universal Exhibition and the 1992 Summer Olympic Games that were held here promoted the development of Montjuic as the centre of museums, pavilions and sports.

You can spend a wonderful day or even more on Montjuic.

But I would like to give you some more details.

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