Gothic Quarter

A walk through the old town of Barcelona or the Gothic Quarter was one of the most exciting and memorable events of our trip.

There are a lot of old towns in Europe and Middle East and I have been in a few of them and I can say that Barcelona’s old town is something special.

It is noted for its exciting attractions including narrow winding streets, beautiful squares and a place where the first Barcelona dispute was held.

We started our walk with the visit of the remains of Barcelona’s Roman wall, then made our way towards the Santa Maria del Mar Church that is considered to be one of the biggest and the most beautiful churches in Barcelona. After the Santa Maria del Mar Church we went to the place where the famous Barcelona dispute was held.

After that we made our way to the Barcelona Cathedral, a special building being the residence of the Cardinal of Barcelona. The cathedral is famous for its cloister, with a central courtyard surrounded by a marvelous Gothic portico. The admission is on a paid basis. You should also take into account that women are allowed to enter only in modest dress and it’s preferable to put on a headscarf which can be bought just outside.

Then we went to the Santa Maria del Pi, another Gothic church that has the largest rose window in the world.

This is only a short description of our day tour. On our way there were dozens of narrow streets, houses and squares between all these attractions. We were especially impressed by the Barcelona Parliament Square and spectacularly beautiful facade of the Parliament building.

Our walk ended in La Rambla after which we made our way to the Barcelona Zoo.

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