Day 1

The first day in Barcelona we took a guided bus tour.

No prizes for guessing what my attitude towards guided tours is. But that was our first trip  abroad. Besides we arrived at01.00 a.m. and when the welcomer (transfer service was included) recommended us to take guided bus tour in the city instead of travelling alone we took his words into account. So within the next 10 minutes we ordered a sightseeing tour and a trip to Montserrat. But that is the subject of the next entry.

On the whole I have nothing against guided tours. Maybe some people like them and consider them useful. But as for me I wasn’t much impressed with our tour. We could see exactly the same travelling by ourselves and save both money and time as there is more than enough information on the Internet.

But why am I writing about all that?

Firstly, I want to  tell you about our tour with all its ups and downs.

Secondly, I’m just informing you about the fact that there is such service in Barcelonaas a tourist bus.

So let’s start!

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