Camp Nou

To begin with I would like to propose to you a riddle: what is the most popular museum of Barcelona?

I am sure you know the answer. Yes, it’s Camp Nou. It is hardly possible to imagine Barcelona without Barça FC. It became not only an excellent club but one of the most popular clubs in the whole world.

It was a customary workday when we went to the Camp Nou and there was a long queue at the ticket office. Of course it cannot be compared to that at the Vatican museums ticket offices but still quite long.

The museum tour starts with watching a 3D video about Barça and continues with the tour around the entire stadium from the lower circles, the VIPs lounge and the press rooms with their great visibility onto the field to the changing rooms.

In addition to the ticket for the Camp Nou you get the ticket for the Barça Museum. The museum presents numerous trophies that the football team has won and also provides a wide choice of entertainment both for kids and adults such as a possibility to take photos with the Champions League Cup or with models of Barça stars etc.

The tour ends with a huge souvenir store where you can buy everything concerning Barça from jars, T-shirts, suits and trainers to miniature football cups and many other things.

There are certainly many reasons for the popularity of the museum. You should take into account just one fact that it is not open every day. The museum is inaccessible during important matches and also in summer when numerous concerts are being held on the Camp Nou. So follow the news on the Camp Nou website.

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